Everything you should know About Us

About us:

  • 23 years of experience
  • We have our own mines
  • We are manufacturer of lab grown diamonds, earth diamonds and diamond jewellery.
  • As we are manufacturer of diamond jewellery , we don’t have expenses like showroom, labour adn other so we gave reasonable prices compare to others.

Manufacturing Services

  • Rough to polish
  • Rough to makeable
  • Galaxy inclusion scanning
  • Rough planning and marking
  • Leaser sawing
  • Manufacturing
    • Round shape
    • Fancy shape
    • Polish re- cut
    • Hillium polish report
  • Sarine HD report
  • Lab certificate
  • 360 diamond visio

Core Values

Upholding ethical principles in all actions, ensuring products are safe, effective, and transparently sourced.

Prioritizing customer needs in terms of value & quality and fostering strong relationships.

Building credibility through consistent quality, honest communication, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Continuously researching and developing cutting-edge personal care and cosmetic formulations to address evolving customer needs and industry trends.

Supporting local communities, embracing cultural diversity, and contributing to national economic growth through responsible business practices.

Our Vision & Mission

To inspire individuals to lead an active and healthy lifestyle while giving them the best of beauty and personal care.

To provide the highest quality and most effective beauty and personal care solutions by innovating them in clean and sustainable ways, to meet the needs of individuals leading active lifestyles.